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Peace Queen Wife!

Are you feeling miserable in your marriage? Lonely? Disconnected?

Like you aren't willing to live like this any longer?

BUT, you love your husband.

You want it to work. You're willing to give it all you have one last time, to make things work.

You want to change the state of your love story???...

How could it be?
What would it feel like for you to have a marriage that is passionate and peaceful, where you love and respect, honor and accept one another? How would it feel to have intimacy, real intimacy- spiritually, emotionally, and sexually that satisfies you both?

Not only is it possible, it’s what God intended. Marriage is supposed to bring great joy. It’s supposed to be fun. Do you agree? We are supposed to have a marriage made in heaven that we live out on earth. It really is our divine birthright.



Hey Queens! I’m Karin Haysbert and I am happily married. I work with women all over the world who want to get to their hot & happily ever after too.   We’ve been married for over 24 years. 24 years to one beautiful brother.  But, can I tell you that for MANY of those 24 years being married felt like a ball and chain, like doing time.

Our communication was spotty and rocky. We had issues with trust and vulnerability. It didn’t feel safe to share. Let’s not even talk about money. And then sex… We’re married, right? We’re supposed to be having sex. It felt like we were just roommates with occasional benefits.

One day, I just reached the end of my rope.

Feel familiar?
You know things happen when a woman makes up her mind. Are you ready to make up your mind? I decided that I am going to enjoy my life. I am going to have a happy marriage. And, I will do everything I can do to get there.

I began to study and learn and grow and work on myself. My husband saw the changes and he began to change. Sometimes we are looking for our spouse to change. Why do I have to do this work? I heard it put this way.

“Let the more mature one step up!”

I had to Woman UP. Put my big girl panties on. I took a step and was willing to be the catalyst for change and, here we are. Happy! Does it matter who starts it if you get your ultimate results? Not really.

You shouldn’t have to suffer year after year without relief. You should not have to numb yourself out and just go along to get along for years because the happy marriage you thought you’d have is not happening.


And, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. God’s desire is for us to have and enjoy life to the full until it overflows. I call it the "John 10:10 Life". Do you believe that includes your marriage? Marriage is honorable. It is to be a place of love and joy and peace and passion. It’s a place where we can be ourselves and be accepted. It’s also a place of growth and transformation. It’s designed to be a place of joy and happiness.

You deserve that.


Queen, having a successful, hot & happy marriage is a lifelong journey and it takes more than an occasional counseling session or marriage conference. It’s day-to-day. We need to tell the truth. What you put your attention on will grow. Do you agree with that? That’s what I had to do. I had to make my marriage, the relationship that I said is most important, a priority. I had to invest in it.

With that said, I want to help you with that. You do not have to go it alone. I want to help you to build the relationship that you have been dreaming about.


So here it is!!! I have developed the Queen Wife Mastery Membership. It is a monthly online membership where I will share with you the spiritual truths and practical wisdom I have learned to finally, really love my marriage.


In this membership, you will…

  • discover your true value as a Queen Wife and how God has called you to live in partnership and power together
  • deepen your spiritual intimacy with God and your husband so you can achieve the oneness God intended
  • learn how to deal with conflicts without crushing one another and how to communicate with love and respect
  • learn how to fan the flames of your love and rekindle your sexual intimacy and romance even if it seems that the fire has gone out
  • discover what really motivates your husband to change without manipulation of any kind
  • identify how to deal with the kids, your in-laws and outlaws so you can successfully manage any family pressures together
  • learn how to allow your husband to lead, to bring out the King in him and how to inspire him to lovingly take care of you
  • and SO, so much more!



Why monthly? Why am I doing this?

Because every month, you’re married.

I don’t know about you, but in the past, my husband and I would have a big conflict, we’d fight, and argue and then and we’d work on it. Things would get better and honestly, we’d chill. It wasn’t long before something else crept up because we weren’t paying attention to our relationship and sustaining the changes.

It’s almost like if you’re flooring it down the highway, flying, going 80 mph.  If I take your foot off the gas, eventually your car slows down and stops, right? That’s what was happening with our marriage. Starts and stops. I’m going to help you to keep going on the highway of happiness with your relationship with a sustained speed in the right direction out by giving you a theme each month to work on to improve your marriage, so you can keep your positive momentum going. Is that good?


Here’s how it works.


For only $49 per month, you will have access to powerful teaching video or series online with simple, actionable steps to further you in saving or strengthening your marriage and growing closer with your King.

  • You will also have access to a private Facebook Community where we can share insights and ideas together with other Queen Wives who are in our sacred sisterhood.
  • I will be in the group to answer any of your questions so you will get your questions answered right in the privacy of your own home.
  • I LOVE to read. We will read books together. I will share other tools with you.

And I always over-deliver.

If you do nothing, what could it cost you…

Queen, I am going to challenge you to invest in your marriage. A divorce can cost you $10s of 1000’s of dollars. But that’s not the greatest cost.

  • What about the cost you pay emotionally and spiritually?
  • What about the devastation that your children experience? Children of divorce suffer.
  • Divorce is a tearing apart.

I am going to help you to save not just money, but to save yourself from additional heartache.



If you sign up for the Queen Wife Mastery Membership, you will receive a copy of my video “5 Quick & Easy Ways to Connect with Your King” to help you to deepen your daily connection and intimacy in your relationship.




I’ll make it totally risk-free. Join the Queen Wife Mastery Membership today and I will even include a full 30-day money-back guarantee. I am convinced that what I will share is going to help transform you and your marriage. If for any reason you don’t agree, just let me know, send me an email and I will refund your payment.

Yup, you heard me correctly, I’ll refund your payment if you are not satisfied and you can cancel your membership at any time afterward too.

Let’s face it, Queen! By now, you know that you and your marriage need support. Don’t you agree? Don’t you want more joy and happiness in your marriage? Wouldn’t you benefit from better communication skills? Can’t you use a little more romance in your life? You deserve to be happy, so let’s not wait around anymore!

You know they say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Queen, my dear Queen sister, if you want your marriage to change, YOU must change.

You must change how you are being. You must change what you are doing. I can help you with that change. I am going to give you what I wish I had 24 years ago. Ok?


Can I sweeten the pot?

If you sign up today instead of paying $49, you will pay only $39 per month. $39!! You spend more than that for a decent 3-course meal at an average restaurant. So beyond just feeding your body, you’ll get to feed your joy, to nourish your marriage.

Can I make it even better? Check it out completely RISK-FREE for 14 days. You pay NOTHING!

Check out this testimonial…


Before I go, I want to share with you one Queen’s transformation story. Travella was at the end of her rope. She and her husband were separated. She was giving up. She was ready to release him forever and to ask for a divorce.

After she worked with the tools that I will be sharing in the Queen Wife Mastery Membership, in her own words, she says, “They work! They really work!” She says that she "learned how to accept their differences, how to trust, and how to deal with her emotions. She also decided to step up and to be the mature one and take ownership of her part in their marriage difficulties and for their success."

They are on the road of reconciliation and growing closer every day. That could be you. Whether your marriage is in trouble or you just want to keep the fire burning or maybe you are in the preparation stage for marriage, BY NOW you see that the Queen Wife Mastery Membership will bless and transform you and your marriage.

So, CLICK the button below and join us today. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life and your marriage, every month, together.


I love you. I believe in you & your marriage. I believe in your joy and happiness. Now, you do the same. Take the leap. It’s totally risk-free. You check it out for FREE two weeks and you have a full 30-day money-back guarantee afterward.

You have nothing to lose and happiness to gain.



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