Hello Beautiful! I have a question for you.

What would it feel like to be totally free?

Free to live? Free to love? Free from the pain of your past? Free to be authentically yourself? Free to DREAM? Free to be the Queen that you are?

Peace Queen! My name is Karin Haysbert and I help to liberate and empower women all over the world to get free from the things that have held them back from living what I call the John 10:10 life, that life to the full until it overflows.

Unfortunately, I was looking at a survey that was done, just last year, of thousands of women from over 14 countries that reported that over 50% of women have simply given up on their dreams.

Wow! If they would’ve asked me several years ago, I would have checked Yes too. I had gotten so caught up in caring for everyone else and their dreams & visions that I had forgotten my own.

 Is that you too? I put my dreams on the back burner of the stove of life and cut the fire off. I was everything to everyone and not enough of anything to myself.

 Can you relate?

If you can, one day that nagging question will arise.


“Where has my life gone?”


It’s time your Queen. It’s time for you to reclaim your life. To reclaim your DREAMS!

It’s time for you to allow your dreams to come forth.

It’s time to let the glorious light of who you are shining brightly.


It’s going to take a little work to unleash your brilliance. To free the Queen within you.


That’s what my book, “Queen Arise: 40 Days to Liberating the Queen Within You” is all about.


It’s a journey of deeper self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance. An odyssey into healing your past, your inner princess, so the Queen within you can arise and you can live that satisfying, fulfilling life that God ordained for you!


Life is supposed to be GOOD!

Do you believe that? I do.


Ready to remove the shackles that have held you down?

I want to invite you to get the book “Queen Arise” today.


Together we arise. YESSS!  

I’ll sign it and get it right out to you anywhere in the continental U.S. only.





AND as a Special Bonus, when you buy “Queen Arise” today, I’ll also give you instant access to nine powerful videos to accompany the book chapters including those for Beyond the Zone of Comfort, Taking My Power Back, Unshackled Sexuality, Losing My Religion and more.


This will set your soul on fire Queen!!


Give yourself the gift of freedom. Free the Queen. Live your dreams.




"...' Queen Arise' is a powerful elixir of spiritual and practical wisdom that will detox you of wrong thinking and free the Queen inside of you. The enormously relatable straightforward and applicable 40-day journey gives readers insightful strategies to be Queen!"


Pastor Riva Tims,

Majestic Life Church, Orlando, Florida

Author, When It All Falls Apart


"...Karin is your personal mentor for your spirit and soul work as she details her own transparent journey to you. She breaks the glass ceiling of religion and provokes you to take an inventory of your life so you can move forward and reach your highest potential..." 

 Liris Crosse

Supermodel, Actress, Motivational Speaker

Life of a Working Model Bootcamp


"Queen Arise” is a masterpiece and a must-read for every woman who feels the Queen inside is ready to rise to her throne!...  Karin shares candid stories from her own journey that will make you laugh and reflect. She also poses questions that will stretch you forward into the manifestation of your higher self..." 

Tiffany Bethea

Author, Speaker, Coach

Founder of KingdomBOSS


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