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Queen Confidence Master Class

Are you tired of feeling like you are living below God’s best for your life?

Feeling like you’ve made some progress in your dreams but things are at a standstill or at least a slow crawl?

You love God. You’re living to please Him but as you start moving towards your desires and here comes fear and self-doubt to stop you cold.

Are you ready to stop second guessing and limiting yourself to that comfort zone?

Truth is, it’s been quite uncomfortable.


Confidence will help you to do just that!


It’s the difference between achieving your dreams and just living day to day in an uninspired way.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. Confidence empowers you to go after them. I can help you with that.

When I was struggling with my own confidence, I realized that I needed help. I knew that there were BIG dreams trapped in me that I wanted to get out.

Every Ruth needs a Naomi.

I could keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result—which is insanity—or I could get someone to come alongside of me to give me another perspective; someone to agree with me on my greatness and to give me tools to assist me in staying the course to my dreams’ fulfillment.


I can do that for you! Let’s cut to the chase.

Success has a price.


You know that. To work with me 1 on 1, starts at a minimum of $1500 for 6 sessions. That’s $250 per session and I’m happy to work with you 1 on 1.


Here’s another option.


Enter the Queen Confidence Masterclass Series.  In this series, you will…

  • learn how to think, speak and act with confidence so you can fully show up in your life doing things that really mean the most to you
  • dive deeper into God’s purpose for you and how to order your life according to your soul’s mission
  • discover the power of preparation spiritually, mentally, and emotionally coupled with planning and practice so you can create opportunities in your life
  • learn how to bring excitement and enthusiasm into all that you do thereby making yourself magnetic to success
  • push past the familiar and master taking action so you can ditch procrastination and go after your desires and much, much more!

Let’s face it. You are a woman of God. You know the Word. Can I tell you that spiritual growth and personal development are not the same but they do go hand in hand?

You need what and how. This series will show you how to live the confident life that God wants you to have so you can bring your dreams and desires to pass. It will be delivered to you online in..

  • 5 Modules- with over 20+ recorded masterclasses with accompanying workbooks Valued at over $600
  • a live online group coaching session at the end of the course. Valued at a minimum of $250
  • unlimited email access to me during the course. Valued at $500
  • Plus, I’ve included surprise bonuses. I always over deliver.

The entire course is valued at over $1300.

-→ I am introducing it for only $297 ←-


EVEN BETTER-→ Attendees of the Queen Confidence Challenge

can sign up TODAY for only $197.


This price goes up on its next offering.

Plus, register now and you will also have access to a bonus video series, “Characteristics of The Confident Queen” valued at $100 FREE

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So, what are you going to DO to disrupt the pattern and move yourself into the success you desire and deserve?

Join the Queen Confidence Masterclass today.

 Arise Queen! Arise!


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